7 thoughts on “Why is my penis a hurting after bleach?

  1. BaBy.BlU...

    IDIOT! That's a corrosive CHEMICAL! If you want to be lighter then see a REPUTABLE dermatologist or plastic surgeon who can get you a cream. The penis is generally darker. Really now…

  2. Gabi

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  3. Field H

    how can u do that? any body advised u ?
    its chemical that burnt because that is the sensitive and tender part of a man
    don/t do it next time.wash it thoroughly and apply some soothing cream.
    for ur info penis is generally darker..

  4. sandalwo...

    The bleach has burnt your skin, you may not know why, but its mostly stuff in the bleach, just run cold water over it, and it should stop the pain, if not put isocole on it. It should stop the pain.

  5. xxilyx3x...

    hahahhahah………… You dont deserve a cock. You cant be that stupid.

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