5 thoughts on “Why does the Tip of my Penis hurt so much when the foreskin isn't over it?

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    There are two issues here.
    1. The head of your penis is sensitive when you expose it.
    2. The kind of clothing you wear does not help.

    It would be interesting, in regards to 1, to know what is causing your foreskin to pull back. I think that the person who suggests your penis head should get more desensitised has absolutely no idea of the anatomy of the penis. The head of the penis is meant to be very sensitive and you should be proud that you have a foreskin to provide the protection it needs. Therefore I suggest that pulling the foreskin over the head (extending it, not retracting it) is the more sensible thing to do.

    Going commando (the American term for not wearing underwear) is a very good suggestion. I have many patients in my clinic and almost all of them do not wear underwear. From my experience I would suggest it is the most practical way to dress and provides the most comfort. In fact underwear is really only useful if you have a dribbling problem or if you have been circumcised (even then I have to say that it is not that common).

    So in answer to your question, I think that the head of your penis is hurting because you are not treating it right. Look after your penis and it will give you many years of faithful service.

  2. Dr. Kyron MacMannis

    hurt in the foreskin? i think its usual for all men.. maybe after a few more month its should be not sensitive as now.
    its better to let it open the tip for a long time, so it will be dry and faster to make it more unsensitive

  3. ?

    The glans of penis is an internal organ

    it is not meant to be exposed

    that's why it hurts.

    Maybe you should pull your foreskin forward

    or buy different u/pants

    or go commando


  4. ?

    Dont worry, its alright, your penis has a lot of blood vessels and it is very sensitive therefore it may hurt a little.

  5. Lightpho...

    In answer to you question. The guy who suggests you go commando doesn't know what he is talking about! going commando will only make it worse for you!

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