What is the normal penis size for a 14 year old?

I am 14 years old and my Penis is 4 inches when fully erected…and when its not erected its like there's nothing there, is this normal?
i have read that it will start a growth spurt when i reach puberty, but i have pubic hair (lots of it…) and it doesn't seem to be growing…
I know it really doesn't matter, but i wish it was bigger because its awkward during masturbation being only 4 inches (i have large hands…)
What can i do to make it grow bigger?

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  1. c mee

    Although I don't really feel comfortable answering this question, I feel like I should (I was actually talking to myself if I should try and answer it). Well, so I am 15 and caucasian, and my penis is about seven or eight inches long. In my opinion, I feel that masturbating does help exercise your penis and help it grow, because the more a muscle is used on your body, the stronger it gets. It is just like working out, the more you lift, the bigger your muscles will get. The more you masturbate, will actually help improve your penis size, I have been masturbating for a good 2+ years, and mine is already at a pretty decent size. It also helps prevent prostate cancer or other diseases since it is "exercising" the glands. I hope this helps, sorry I am not trying to sound like a total pervert or anything! I guess it is just how I explained it. Well I hope this helps you out in a sort of strange fashion. :)

  2. Tyler

    The growth spurt can occur anytime from puberty to between 18 and 20 — although we think it is speeded up by masturbation.

    Average for 14 is between 3.5 and 4.5 inches. 90% of adult men have between 4.5 and 7 inches when fully erected. 5% are larger, 5% are smaller. Those are all statistics, but I hope they help.

    Besides masturbating, the only thing that might make it help is, if you are fat, lose the weight, being overweight hides part of the penis, and can stunt it's growth.

    Kind thoughts,


  3. Hermes

    well, it WILL grow bigger as you grow older….dont worry about it…….anyway, girls dont care about your the actual size, more like how good you are at doing it-not that you will anytime soon, but if all you care about is masturbation, there is nothing to worry about. oh, and goood luck and i hope this helps and PLEASE VOTE ME FOR BEST ANSWER!! THANKS!

  4. Gabby P

    Don't worry it will get bigger soon, i am 14 and i have a 5.9 and im full asian. The average for 14s are around the 5.3-5.6 inches lets just say i was born lucky.

    I'm kidding

    If you are african decent you will have a large penis mainly around the 7-8 inches region

  5. Calvin-K...

    You're average for your age. It will get bigger on its own but there are a few things you can do to encourage growth. Masturbate daily, get plenty of cardio each day, eat a healthy diet, wear boxers, and avoid tight pants at all costs.


  6. Me

    theres nothing you can do to make it bigger.
    i'm 14 and mines around 5.5 but yours will grow over time too.

    IM if you wanna talk or have anymore questions.

  7. jeffm980

    man,when i was 14 i passes 6 1/2in

    it's just genetics

    when i was 15
    i was 6'4'' too

    I'm 18 and 6'8''
    and have over 8 inches

    your going to be average though,

  8. Bruce

    About 4-5 inches, probably.

    When I was that age, my penis exceeded that, though. We're all different, after all.

  9. Animale

    not much…… the average penis size for males is 5 1/2 inch's and it usely stops growing at around 22 so be patient :P

  10. coola dan you

    Only time will tell if it gets bigger or not. Sorry but your probably not gonna get much more.

  11. mauitown

    im wondering how many of your answerers stripped and looked for a ruler (or a yard stick) lol

  12. Andrew

    That's okay for your age. Mine was about 3" at 14 and didn't get 4" until 16!

  13. ya boi marvo

    First, if you are Asian then your penis size is somewhat normal for the region, especially at your age. I am also Asian and when I was about at your age mine also just 4.5" or 11.xx cm, but as I grow up, now I am 26, mine become about 5.3" or 13.5 cm, which is really is Asian standard. Well…. I have to admit I masturbate a lot, 4-5 times a week, I don't know though if masturbate really help so don't count on it :) . So you don't need to worry bro, even if you are not Asian your size is still considered normal, even for Caucasian 5" is still inside the average, we'll talk about it later when you are 22 years old and see what you got :) . Don't worry about the size too much, skill first then size :) , be confident!

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