What is the average penis size for a 13 year old?

I’m really worried about my penis size and i’m really embarrassed. My penis is about 2 inches erect and i’m really short. (about 4.6″) I know this isn’t normal, will it ever grow? And PLEASE don’t leave any rude, mean, or negative comments. Also, no spam, please.


you click on this picture and you will be fine in the future


larger penis

13 thoughts on “What is the average penis size for a 13 year old?

  1. Wii boy

    your penis is fine
    you have many years where you will grow both in height and penis size
    i had a friend at 13 who was about 2.5" and when he was 16 he was almost 6" just like i was
    so hang in there
    as long as it works enjoy it

  2. adenamas...

    You're saying your penis is 2 inches erect? That's kinda small, but you still have time to grow. 3 inches is probobly average at your age.

  3. .

    I wouldn't worry about it, seeing as your still growing. I'm sure it'll be where it's supposed to be when you're older.

    There's really nothing you can do to make it bigger anyway.

  4. samj128

    it will grow more, you probably havent gone through puberty yet, just give it time…

    IM or e-mail me if you have anymore questions. i'm 14.
    jeffm980 on yahoo messenger

  5. jeffm980

    Thts kindaa small
    Becuss im 13 nd im 6 inches erect but u might grow

  6. ToO SmooTh

    have patience man when i was 14 i was 4 7 and 3 in penus now im 16 6 1 and 8 in.

  7. summerki...

    Buddy, that's puny, im 14 (turned it on april 3rd), and Mine is 7-7.5 when erect. Your penis (at max) will be like 10cm, dude, thats puny. I feel bad for you (laughs)

  8. Liam

    naw but im sure youll be fine

  9. alex is awesome

    Just be patient and wait a bit longer, most guys go through a growth spurt when they are 14, see how you are then, and you will still have six years growing to go!

  10. NudeNude

    I am 14 and mine is about 4" when hard. My friend is 13 and his is about 3" when hard.

  11. raiderwr...

    It is small. However you are only 13 so your penis has a long time to grow. I really can't say what average size is for 13. I had a friend in 7th grade who had an 8 inch penis while mine was only 4 inches. I ended up with a 6 inch penis and that is normal. You could also have a big growth spurt with your penis and this time next year you could have a 8 inch penis. Don't worry too much about it now.

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