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Do Uncircumcised penis's cause more potential risk of Uninary Tract Infections?

My boyfriend is uncircumcised and since we have been having unprotected sex, i have had two Uninary Tract Infections. This time round i had severed back pain around my kidneys and recieved antibiotics, when i came home my mum asked if my boyfriend had been circumcised because my aunty had this problem with her husband and UTI's because he was not circumcised.

Abnormal uncircumcised penis? (18 yrs old)?

My penis is uncircumcised, and it seems to be abnormally so. When retracting the foreskin, it only goes back to reveal the tip of the penis. The foreskin is really tight. There is a small piece of flesh that attaches the foreskin to the head, and it refuses to pull back past that piece. I've read online that it is not normal to not be able to pull the foreskin behind the head. I've tried the stretching exercises as well, but my foreskin still refuses to retract past the fleshy piece that connects the foreskin to the head (it hurts a lot when I try).

1: What's wrong with it?
2: What are the potential risks of keeping it like this? (Infections, disease, etc…)
3: I want to get a circumcision, but I don't have a good argument to use against my parents.

How can I make my uncircumcised penis skin go down below the penis head.?

My penis's skin can go down to about the end of the head but then the skin wont go any farther down.. It doesn't seem to have to do with stretching the skin it's just that the skin seems to be attached to the bottom of the penis head.. Or whatever the head is really called.. Help? The skins stuck to it!