Are pants or jeans bad for the male anatomy?

It seems like when I get home from a day at work and take off my pants my *junk* is smaller (like 3 inches flaccid) than when I am naked for a while or wearing my scottish kilt (then it is around 5 inches flaccid).

So I am wondering if pants/trousers/jeans are actually bad for the male anatomy even if we are conditioned to wear them..

Maybe our *junk* is not ment to be tucked away beneath tight and constricted space?

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Ive got less meat in your pants than there is in a vegetarian restaurant ?

What does this mean?
this is what my girlfriend told her friends
she didnt know i was listening

but i had hidded my penise from her the first time we did it cause i was ashamed to let her know to let her find out its only 3 inches :(

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