Penis enlargement?????

Basically i have this friend who has 2.9 fully erect and this friend was wondering if anything could make your penis bigger. Do pills work? Extenders? Tieing it to a door and slamming it? Pulling it? Please help my friend is contemplatung suicide

are the penis extention/enlargement true?

Yes True Try the penis enlargement exercises

First thing we should ask from our self is why we need penis enlargement. You may agree with answer that we need pleasure from sexual relationships and make our partner feel happy. The first thing women notice about a man is his confidence level. Trust me, nothing gives a man more confidence than a bigger penis. Increased confidence, greater stamina in bed, better control of your ejaculation, longer sex sessions and more pleasure for you and the lady, all these can be yours.…

Is Penis Enlargement Really Possible? YES, penis enlargement really is possible! Then how to enlarge penis in effective and safe way. You need to put your willpower behind this. You have to stick to enlargement penis to see results help your penis enlarge faster. I will never advice to go for surgery or penis pills, First is risky the later is temporary Here I tried to provided you some most effective and my tested penis exercises to give you bigger penis.

The following are penis exercises for those wishing to develop a larger manhood.

Warming up your Penis.

This is considered a very effective penis exercise (For Male Enhancement). In this exercise you need warm water and a small piece of towel or cloth you can do sit or standing.Dip the cloth in warm water to get wet. Then wrap the cloth around penis as well as testicle holding for a minute will create a strange and painful feeling but get it easy later. Removing the cloth for 2 minute to restore to normal positions. Repeat 2-3 times.

Core exercises male enlargement exercises – The Jelq

This is also called lubrication exercise (apply Baby oil). This is best penis enlarger exercise. Erection and bigger penis is due to increase blood flow to penis. Make the Ok sign with your thumb and finger (right hand) grasp it at base firmly move towards head and trapping all loose blood increase blood flow to head. After reaching to head then use left hand at base so better flow to head to make bigger. Repeat 4-5 times.

Stretching Penis Enlargement Exercises.

Take the head and stretch to front of you holding for 15-20 seconds that will result stress at base.
Then move the towards left side feel stress on right side repeat the same for right side as well. Do it 15-10 times.If you need more tips and videos to enlarge your penis having more bigger penis visit link at bottom