How to make your penis bigger without using medical drugs?

My penis is about 6 inches when im hard. I want to get it up to 7 or 8 but how? I definitely will not take steroids or any pills but is there anything I should eat or drink? Should i change my diet? Should i digest more protein? Anything plz!

19 thoughts on “How to make your penis bigger without using medical drugs?

  1. Nickelly

    your size is normal. Penis size is genetic and you can't change it. Pills and potions don't work, nor do penis enlargement exercises etc. If they did there would only be one (that works) advertised cuz no one would buy the others. Be happy with what you have, your partner will be.

  2. doctor

    I came across an interesting website It has some good articles on Penis Enlargement and things like that. They don't sell any product or service so I believe they are giving good information. Check that out and see if it helps. Thanks. Report Abuse

  3. Sandy

    The Bathmate has worked well for me. I got mine at They ship from the US or Canada, depending on where you are. Works great… results are not overnight but do happen. Best way to relate to it is like working out. The longer you use it over time, the better the results Report Abuse

  4. Sherry

    Tie something heavy to it for at least 4 hours a day. Or you could use the tooth pulling technique….tie a string around the end of your penis and the other end of the string around a doorknob. Then slam the door. Voila! Longer penis!

  5. Creativi...

    you don't even need it but the only definite way is to have a surgery cause the have a couple inches of hidden penis

  6. JaredG

    Hi from France ♫

    Accept your penis like it is because you don't have choice, you couldn't change it … That's is life !

    Have a nice day,


  7. Cat. •That's all...

    why not use the Austin Powers method and get a Swedish love pump penis enlarger. Well, it probably works as well as any other 'miracle' solution you will find in spam mail.

  8. High Voltage

    I heard that praying to the penis gods each night will increase your length about a 1/2 inch. It worked for me.

  9. Horny Apes Gone Wild

    Buy an external dick with it's driver and have it installed.

  10. mr_crank...

    dude u got to 20 u mite move to 7 …make sure ure sleeping good to let hormones communicate and all things relax

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