How to make my penise bigger?

I'm 15 and I have a 4 inch penise when I'm erect but I want it bigger without pills and such. I want to do these excersises I keep herring about. Plzz hlp me

8 thoughts on “How to make my penise bigger?

  1. Brandon

    You are growing and you may still grow 3-5 more inches before puberty is over…
    If it makes you feel any better I wish mine was smaller some times….

  2. ?

    Hate to tell you, but you will get what you get. There is no pill made that actually adds length. Notice they don't come out and say they do. So don't bother with pills. Most exercises really won't add length either, and you risk damaging your equipment trying them. The same applies to "pumps" which can do extensive damage to the "mesh" inside your penis.

    At 15 you are still growing, everywhere, including your penis. You are 4 inches now, you will probably add another 1" – 1 1/2" by the time you are 17y, without doing anything but living. The length at 18y is usually all you will get, but the diameter (thickness) usually continues to expand slightly into your mid to late 20s.

    You are worrying too early. If you are comparing yourself to the other guys, you will just drive yourself nuts. Some guys get a nice long hanging flaccid penis, some don't. Many of those nice hangers usually don't get any longer, they just get hard. So don't think what you see in the locker room is only the beginning, it usually isn't.

  3. GiAmHere

    You are only 15. You have another 6 years of growing; that includes your penis. Be patient. Once you are past age 21 you will have what you get and there are NO ways to make it bigger. Make your personality your best and BIGGEST attraction.

  4. seajay

    You're 15 years old. You don't need any of that crap. Just deal with the penis you already have.

  5. Shane

    cast Penis increase …it will automatically get longer… m8 ur too young to worry about that…

  6. Allison

    you find the answer to that question and you will be a billionaire kid

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