How do women feel about a guy with a Small penis size that premature ejaculates?

I am 20 year old and have penis size 3.8 inch. I was married a year back. But still I ejaculate in 1-1.5 minute. Usually when size does not matter it about the motion of the ocean but how do women feel when a guy does not even have that.

7 thoughts on “How do women feel about a guy with a Small penis size that premature ejaculates?

  1. Mark

    Many men suffer from premature ejaculation – you are not alone. It can make you really insecure, especially if you are worried about your penis size as well. Thankfully, it can be cured, with a combination of mental and physical exercises. With a bit of practice, you can get back total control over when you ejaculate – more than you ever had.

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  2. ?

    How would you feel if your partner came before you got to stick it in? You need to start masurbating more and learn how to control your ejaculation. The more you stroke it yourself the less sensitive you will be and will be able to perform better ( you can't do much worse). Size is definitely not an issue if your going to 1-pump chump her.

  3. T L

    size and time does not matter, it's all about technique and the guy putting his partner's pleasure before his own.

    he can satisfy the girl first with his tongue and fingers and after that, it's up to him.

    whatever you have, if you use it well and wisely, it can satisfy any woman.

  4. ☼Sunny☼

    The length does not matter so much as foreplay and plenty stimulation of the clitoris. And anyway you can do a lot with four inches.

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