How do I tell a guy his penis is too small?

Every time we have sex, I do not feel anything. He is starting to notice because I am silent during intercourse and I tend to check my email when we are in doggie style position. I do not want to humiliate him but I also do not wish to lie. He is amazing when it comes to eating me out and fingering my hole but I really need him to wear a penis extender to have fun during intercourse. How do I tell him this in a respectful manner without hurting his feelings? Cuz I ain't feeling it.

One thought on “How do I tell a guy his penis is too small?

  1. Eric

    Well, "Eric" (must be Erica huh) If I were a woman, and had a guy who was really good at eating, but fell "short" in the equipment area, I would have a serious talk with him about the fetish called cuckolding. He obviously loves eating you, and he obviously wants you to be satisfied, so why not have the best of both worlds. Just start him out slowly by talking about what movie stars each of you would like to go to bed with. Then have a fantasy night where you pretend that you've just got back from a "night out" with George Clooney. Then tell him to go down on you. While he's down "there" ask him how you taste. If he says good, tell him you want to always be good for him to eat. (you get the drift)

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