How do I stop being insecure about my penis size?

I'm 21, and no matter how many articles I read or documentaries I watch, I still feel like I'm less of a man because my penis is small, 4 1/2 inches hard. I keep reading articles that women don't care about size and it's just a myth and my size is just fine. But every girl I've shown it to seems so disappointed? Is it because I'm tall and they expect more? I don't know. But I feel like less of a man cause of it, and my confidence is nonexistent.

9 thoughts on “How do I stop being insecure about my penis size?

  1. Herp Derp

    One of my ex partners was 6'2" and only 3 1/2 inches long — and he STILL pleased me.

    Really.. if a girl/woman acts "disappointed" then something's wrong with her; not you.

    Get a real woman who isn't so shallow and brain-washed.

  2. ♥ ♥ ♥

    6.5" is well ABOVE normal size!? I don't understand.

    If you mean that you have a larger than average penis, but just want a bigger one, then yes I suppose you fall into the category of many men. But I wouldn't feel insecure about the fact that you have a 6.5" penis. That is silly… you're right.

    And if you do a search here through the many long and drawn out discussions on penis size, you will quickly learn that even 4" is plenty to satisfy a woman based on how you use it and there are draw backs to having a very large penis. There are only a couple of inches of nerve endings in a woman's vagina anyway, so HOW you use what God gave you is vastly more important than the size of it and how deep it goes.

    6.5" is nothing to be ashamed of. I would focus more attention on how to please your wife in other areas because I'm sure they would have a bigger impact than stressing over something you a)can't change and b) don't need to change because you are larger than most men anyway.

  3. Alfred

    To all the girls in this thread saying it's not a problem. Can you HONESTLY say you'd be fine with his penis? OR are you just being kind. I think the latter.

    Just get it surgically lengthened or buy one of those silicone attachments that you attach to your peepee. You won't feel a thing during sex, but it'll still be long.

  4. joe

    Your size is fine, nothing to worry about. If a girl has a problem with it, then the problem is hers, not yours. Besides, in the end it comes down to skill. A guy can have a 7 inch member, but if he just lays there like a bag of potatoes he's just a dildo with a face.

  5. The White Queen

    It really doesn't matter – any girl who loves you and wants to marry you will have THAT way down on the list of priorities. Your biggest problem though is to wonder exactly WHY you should be invited to contact ANYBODY in India ! ! !

  6. David

    I remember when a girl I knew told me that. She then laughed and told all of her scene friends. Before I knew it my 3 inch dick was all over the internet and the victim of cruel jokes

  7. Cameron

    dont tell people or have sex with them, go live in a cave until the next ice age, survive that, then go out and tell people about your penis

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